Getting Danny back is where the story begins, but there's also the matter of why the power went out. That mystery is addressed more than once in the episode and may tie directly in with Danny's kidnapping. Unraveling the truth behind the blackout appears to be part of the overall plot of the show, and it could be the thing that drives the story forward, assuming they pace it the right way and they have an actual plan for how to let that story unfold.

Tracy Spiridakos does a fine job of portraying the beautiful and strong-willed Charlie. And as a fan of Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad and Once Upon a Time, I'm really excited to see more of him in Revolution. He comes off as a bad guy with a cool head in the first episode, but it's evident he has a boss to answer to, so it's hard to get a good read on what he's all about on a personal level. Meanwhile, Billy Burke, who offers some much-needed comic relief with his dry approach to Bella Swan's dad in the Twilight movies, pulls off the reluctant hero role of Miles really well. Like Esposito's Neville, Miles is something of a mystery, but he proves to be a capable fighter, and he may know something about the blackout, so it'll be interesting to see where his story goes.

Between Abrams and Kripke's involvement, the solid cast and the start of a suspense adventure, Revolution definitely has a lot going for it from the start. But there's always the chance that the plot will get lost as the story progresses, or the dynamic among the characters won't gel. Like Fox's short-lived drama Terra Nova, Revolution is set up in an interesting world where the usual rules of society and day-to-day life don't apply. That in itself should set Revolution up as one of the more interesting and unpredictable series debuting this season. But as Terra Nova proved, an exciting and interesting backdrop doesn't guaranty a winning show. So the jury's still out on Revolution, but I liked the premiere and will tune in for more in the hopes that the drama will live up to its potential.

Revolution premieres Monday, September 17 at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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