Brothers No More
With two minibosses down and out, it is time to finally reach Monroe for the battle that has probably been planned since the very beginning. Now if only Mile’s could get a do over.

With Miles’ relationship to Monroe being the focus of the flashbacks, we get to see some highlights from a relationship that reaches much further back than originally expected. Instead of just being military buddies, turns out they actually grew up together, even coming up with the M symbol to represent both of their names, as opposed to what was always assumed just to be Monroe’s emblem. We see a lot of low points throughout the episode, including the revelation that Harry Potter killed Monroe’s family, but the one thing that is the most clear throughout every flashback is that Monroe is only who he is because Miles brought him there. It’s actually pretty shocking that Monroe hasn’t been thrown from his place of power considering how weak he seems to be, abandoned by the one person who was supposed to be by his side forever, but all in due time.

The best moment of this episode had to be when Miles actually called Monroe out on this, following up Monroe’s pleas for Miles’ to lower his weapon and stand by his side again with the line: “I’m sorry I didn't kill you the first time.” Unfortunately Miles didn’t raise his gun and pop him in the chest to really add a period to the end of that sentence, and now Monroe actually has motivation to become a man to be reckoned with based on the look in his eyes before and during the expected sword fight. So come on, Monroe, time to step out from the shadow and finally become the man who would never dare ugly cry like you did in that cemetery. Make us shake in our boots.

The Cliffhanger
Honestly I don’t even think it can be called a cliffhanger ending. As our gang escaped the compound, the surprise moment was that a helicopter rose from behind the wall to loom over the escapees. As they look on in defeat, the turret begins to turn and the screen goes black. Really? That’s not a cliffhanger, that’s a “we now interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast for this breaking news” type black out. That’s an “f you, that’s all you’re getting” to the viewers.

Instead the greater thing to do would have been the fleet of helicopters rising, as opposed to Monroe just looking at them sitting on the ground. We need a looming doom in the distance as Miles and the group reach the tree line or something, representing the force that will be in play come spring. Goodness knows what they’re going to do with this set up (I would prefer the turret to unload on Danny and then fly away, but that’s just me).

Final Thoughts
Though it wasn’t quite the ending I hoped for, the episode in its entirety was still a pretty decent finale for the ten episodes of Revolution so far, and it will be interesting to see where exactly the first episode back picks up in the spring.

So what did you think of this episode? Were you surprised that no one died (main character wise)? My hopes were on Danny finally being cut loose since he has never really done anything for the show, but Monroe would have also been acceptable. With that said, I am now excited to see if he will become a new man now that he is rage filled and has better toys. Do you think that Neville will someday make good on his threats to kill Miles for what he did? Where was Jason? How do Rachel and Aaron know each other? And more importantly, what more is there to the relationship between Miles and Rachel that we don’t know and why was he so surprised that Monroe had kept her alive with him all this time? There could have been an affair, but I just know that we deserve to know why she left her family to meet up with Miles ages ago. Let me know your thoughts on “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” and the season so far in the comments below!

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