Danny Is Dead!
I figured it would be a little too insensitive to put that subtitle in all caps, with “FINALLY!” as added emphasis, but we’re all thinking it. Danny needed to go. His character was lame, time wasted keeping track of him was only a detriment to the rest of the plots as those minutes could have been used to further flesh out the rest of the show, the constant pursuit by the group kept the scale of the show from growing as they were forced to go episodic in structure week to week, and his hair was just stupid, growing worse with each episode. So don’t be afraid to cheer for his death along with me in a volume that might scare your mother as well.

With Danny’s need to prove himself putting him in the line of fire during the stand off between man and helicopter in front of the base (a quick 180 from his desire to just go home after finally being rescued), odds were looking pretty good that he would get the ax as he was the least important to the story now that he was no longer the catalyst. Yet even when he picked up the missile launcher after Miles failed at taking the helicopter out, doubts ran high about just how lucky we would be. Fear turned to imagining this would just be an attempt to build Danny up into a character to cheer for as he finally adds to the fight instead of being known solely as the reason everyone is in the situation they are in, but then as one bullet after another ripped through his body, the likelihood of survival bled away.

At the risk of making myself sound like even more of a monster, we’ve got one more upside to Danny’s death to consider in line with the story being able to move on and become something more. Basically now that Charlie doesn’t have her brother to focus all her worry on, and no family to go back to, she can fully embrace the fight against the militia that she was jumping in and out of when opportunities arose along the way. It’s better for the show, and hopefully her character will finally develop into a truly BA individual to carry this show on an equal level as her uncle.

Final Thoughts
With the editing problems, the lack of conflict for a large portion of the episode, and the addition of a character that no one likes (no matter how short this lasted), Revolution needs to improve if it is going to hold audiences captive for the rest of the season. Then again, they do get a pass for killing Danny. For now, anyway.

So what did you think of this episode of Revolution ? What all happened between Rachel and Miles in the past? What is this tower that Randall got into and why did this upset Rachel? What is Level 12? Why did Neville tell Monroe that Jason is dead? It’s probably because Monroe would see this as a weakness that could dampen his motivation in certain situations, as his wife did in the last episode, but there’s no way this lie will stand. Fingers crossed that Neville does turn sides as well, though. How did Danny know what he was doing with that missile launcher? Why is Randall suddenly team Monroe? And last, but not least: what the heck was Rachel smuggling in Danny’s body? Let me know your thoughts on all things Revolution below.

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