A Child Left Behind
Maybe this line was a little much to ruin the moment, but the other flashbacks with Charlie’s biological mom show that she does have legitimate reasons for these abandonment issues considering Rachel just up and left them. For supplies, no less. At least that is what she told her sobbing children, but obviously we know better as we then see her arriving next to a Monroe stamped cart and a shadowy figure that just so happens to be Miles. Why the heck did Miles ask for her to come? More importantly, how did he sneak the message to her? It’s not like he could send a text her way. Granted, that’s assuming that her husband didn’t know what she was really doing, because I seriously doubt he is that horrible of a man, or just plain stupid for that matter, to let her go off for a few months to gather supplies. So if he knew the truth, why would he let her go do this? And why couldn’t they all just go with her? Why was there need for handcuffs? The list of questions goes on and on.

Now in the present day timeline, the questions get passed to Miles because he has to know that Rachel is still with Monroe, so when is that tidbit of information going to come back and slap him across the face? If he thinks Charlie is angry with him now for lying about his past, just wait till she hears about this. Whatever the case, we still have no idea what information she was brought in for in the first place, or what she is keeping from Monroe today (and what the heck is SAP clearance?).

He’s Back! Again!
With all of these characters leaving Charlie, the one person who always seems to be coming back for her is Nate. Or Not Nate, considering that’s not his real name. Sure he says he is following Miles, but right after Charlie says that Miles is leaving Nate says he is glad that he is being tied up by them because he can keep a closer eye on him from here. Did he not just hear what they said? Miles is leaving! Stupid boy with a mind clouded by love…

Ok I kid about that, but like last week’s episode Not Nate could have been left out of this episode as well. However, with him here to witness Maggie’s death and Charlie’s reaction he is given yet another reason to be reeled in and eventually not betray her in the end.

Final Thoughts
Even though the group was stopped for a depressing death of one of their members, a poorly created stormy sky emitted a tornado that did stop any progression on Danny’s captors’ parts as well. Which means next week they might finally rescue him! But probably not since we aren’t that lucky and Monroe still needs Danny to use again his mom. I sure know I won’t be holding my breath.

So what did you think of this week’s episode of Revolution? When is Aaron going to let everyone else know about the pendant? Why wasn’t Charlie’s mom scared of being tortured in the slightest? Then again, she didn’t even have a slight mark on her face the next day, so this guy clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. Why did Miles and Nora climb through the window considering diners usually have doors into their kitchens? Does Aaron realize just how weak he made himself look by not running after Charlie when she was kidnapped? As if screaming her name was going to scare the guy away or something… Did everyone around her think Maggie was bats--- crazy when she was smiling at her iPhone while she died? Let me know your thoughts on everything Revolution in the comments below!

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