Through the accident, health problems, and attacks, Aaron’s dignity has taken such a beating that he has convinced himself that she would be better off without him than with him. Which brings us back to questioning why he would think that he would be capable of helping Charlie. Tonight he finally steps up to the plate by basically ordering Miles to go after Charlie to save her, putting his own life at risk. The thing is, after seeing where he came from this moment takes on new meaning because it isn’t a heroic act so much as an acknowledgement of worthlessness because of how he views himself. Even ordering Nora to shoot him further plays off this lack of self-worth, and I couldn’t help but wonder if he even realized in that moment that he had that flask in his chest pocket. It’s most likely that he did know about his hidden savior, but based on the sadness in his eyes throughout the episode it’s believable that had the flask not been there he would have still done the same thing to keep the more important person (as he sees it) alive. He might have just aimed for his head instead.

Back At The Base
With the train aiding their progress, it doesn't take father and son much time to get back to report in to Monroe’s. Neville played it cool enough to stick to a snide comment or dirty look here or there as Monroe praised Jason for his work, but there’s still plenty of time later down the road for the two to get into it about Jason disobeying an order by pushing Charlie off the train. Besides, Jason was too busy disobeying the orders I shouted at the screen this time to not tell Monroe about Aaron having the pendent. How could you, Jason!?

For better or worse, Jason still is a soldier so we have to expect him to act as such, but there is no way he is going to sit idly by as Strausser goes out to hunt down Miles and the pendant, killing the rest who just happen to be there. Let’s just hope he cuts his hair first.

Speaking of hair: the new shirt Danny wears to his introduction to Monroe does little to distract from the mop on his head. Luckily Monroe is decent enough to look past it, even offering Danny whatever he wants as a guest. What’s the catch? I know you’re not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth, but we all know that Danny getting to see his mom again is not going to be as joyous when he is having teeth ripped from his skull. Monroe promised to use Rachel’s son against her to get the information he wants, and I doubt he will wait long to test her limits.

Final Thoughts
Even though “Sex and Drugs” doesn’t really do much to change the episodic approach to the series so far as each week’s plot is a bump in the road to finding Danny, the attempts to have the flashbacks feed into the present day storyline reaches its strongest attempt yet with some details of Aaron’s past. Fingers crossed that the strength of this blend of past and present continue in the episodes to come.

So what did you think of this week’s episode? What did you think of Drexel as this week’s bad guy? Creepy, yes, but still pretty entertaining. I, for one, did not see the dueling pistols coming. And big props to Aaron for making his own rules to the game! Are you wondering why Aaron needed three dumbwaiters in his house? Because one just isn’t cool enough… How exactly was Aaron supposed to save Nora with Miles making such a huge commotion in the house though? How hard do you have to hit someone to have a bruise form that quickly (assuming he did not have paint on his knuckles)? Will Charlie be as happy to see her mom as Danny was considering she was old enough to really remember her leaving? Leave your thoughts on this week’s episode, and all things Revolution, in the comments below!

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