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Working on late night can be a really fun job. It’s a steady gig that requires a ton of creative people to make all of the components work, and those creative people can often be really, really funny. Especially if you get to work with Louis C.K. In a recent AMA, former Late Night with Conan O’Brien writer Robert Smigel talked about his time on the NBC series, including what fellow writer Louis C.K. used to get up to in his free time. It’s so Louis C.K. Here’s the full story:
Too many memories to list but Louis C.K. used to throw shit out the 30 Rock window a lot. He would throw money, and attach a note to it - stuff like ‘You fucking pathetic moron.’ So we got to watch people scurry to pick up dollar bills and the read the note. Even though they were ant-sized, their body language was enough to have us laughing for hours.

Yes, that’s right, when working on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Louis C.K. would attach mean notes to money and watch people scurry around for entertainment. So, it looks like the Louie star probably found numerous other ways to entertain himself and his fellow co-workers when they probably should have been writing jokes for Conan to perform, not that Smigel or anyone else were complaining. In fact, the rest of the crew should probably just be grateful that C.K. set his sights on random strangers walking on the streets and not in-office practical jokes, as those can get really gross, as Will Forte and other funnymen can attest.

Louis C.K. may have only been a part of a couple of seasons on Late Night, but Robert Smigel was with the show for a really long time and clearly has fond memories of his time, also noting:
Best job ever. The excitement of starting a whole new show to replace my hero Letterman's, of doing it with one of my best friends hosting it, and working with hilarious young writers, it far outweighed how hard it was and how many people tore into it.

Robert Smigel has had a long career and has gotten to work with a slew of incredibly funny people. He’s most famous for being a writer on Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He’s also the guy behind TV Funhouse and Hotel Transylvania. And in 2015, he worked with Louis C.K. again, working on an episode of Louie. (I’m presuming neither of them dropped bills whilst working for FX.)

You can read more from Robert Smigel’s Reddit AMA, which was set up in promotion of his new Hulu special Triumph’s Election Special 2016, here.