Sharing the Kool-Aid
When considering why I feel the need to "convert" other people into fanatics of my own personal geeky obsessions, I took time to consider my motives, and what it came down to was that I have been converted numerous times. I have been talked into trying out TV shows I swore I was not interested in up until I drank the Kool-Aid and asked for seconds. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer's pilot episode when it first premiered and decided then and there that I didn't like it enough to watch more. Years later, not long after the final season aired, I finally gave in to the hype and started watching the DVDs. My only disappointment turned out to be not sticking with the show when it originally aired. See also Veronica Mars and Spartacus. Some shows really are as good as people say they are. Go figure!

With my own experiences at being talked into watching TV shows I was initially reluctant to consider, I see the other side of the coin in myself when I think of all the times I've encouraged people to watch my favorite shows. I don't need them to like it in order to enjoy it myself. But having my own experiences at falling in love with a show in mind, I'm eager to see other people experience that, too—within reason. It's necessary to vary the dosage of enthusiasm, depending on the audience. Not everyone's going to have the stomach for the kind of violence (and nudity) that comes with Spartacus, for example. Aside from experiencing a great show firsthand, there's nothing quite like the vicarious enjoyment of knowing someone's watching and enjoying it for the first time.

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