Talking The Talk
All anyone seems to care about is 'walking the walk' but when it comes to being a die-hard fan of a certain TV show, talking the talk is just as, if not more, important. Not only do you want to be the big man (or woman) on campus and get all the cool references being tossed around the water cooler, say when someone drops a 'danger zone' or lets out a particularly loud 'Shiva blast,' it's just as nice to be a dean as part of the Community. No one likes feeling left out and it's especially hard with today's non-plussed, hipster doofus culture where you're expected to know even the obscure phrases and references.

But forget about outside pressure, there are enough occasions when a show's lingo bleeds into your own (social media extended) circle's phraseology and you need to 'speak' it just to be a part of everyday conversations. Getting through a day without using terms from The League would be near damn near impossible. There are just too many frittatas running loose out there, not to mention always bumping into Eskimo brothers or herdsman trying to take their brand of woman out for a terrific lady day. Ugh. Wouldn't you rather stay home and rosterbate? See. Here's a lesson in League slang for those that want to hang out. No takers?

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