Robin Williams' SVU Case

How I Met Your Mother isn’t the only show securing high-profile guest stars for its post-strike return. While they may have gone slightly higher-profile with tabloid darling Britney Spears, Law & Order: SVU has nabbed hirsute comedian Robin Williams. Williams is not the first funnyman to appear on the crime drama; Martin Short had a creepy turn as a con-artist/kidnapper a few seasons ago. Williams, however, doesn’t appear to be playing a villain in this episode.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Williams is playing “a law-abiding engineer whose life takes a tragic turn, he becomes an ardent believer in the necessity of challenging authority.” My guess is that his character turns from victim to vigilante-justice seeker right quick. He’ll probably garner the sympathies of detective Stabler, who, as anybody who has seen a single episode of SVU knows, wants to personally rip out the throats of all of the criminals in the world.

Williams’ appearance will happen on the 200th episode of the award-winning series, scheduled to air April 29th. This will be the third new episode after SVU returns with new episodes starting April 15th.