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Henry Rollins is an abrasive Gandhi for the ‘MTV’ generation, a learned Magi willing to speak his mind regardless of how unpopular or unconventional the viewpoint may be. The former ‘Black Flag’ lead singer, unlike many hardcore enthusiasts, espouses a temperament of educated mayhem. Upon first glance those seemingly contradictory words appear to form an oxymoron; however, it actually sums up Rollins perfectly. He’s the poignant punk, a two bit heathen in appearance and a skilled wordsmith on paper.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the world needs more Henry Rollins, and that is exactly what the world is about to get. IFC has announced ‘The Henry Rollins Show’ will make its triumphant return to semi cable on April 13th. An uncensored forum for the punk god to give his views on movies, music, art, and politics? Thank goodness my cable company sees fit to provide me with ‘IFC.’

Season two of the mature talk show will feature guests such as Cinema Blend favorite William Shatner(Star Trek), Ben Stiller(Dodgeball, Your Friends and Neighbors), rogue Pink Flamingos director John Waters, and ‘Dope Show’ singer Marilyn Manson. This eclectic mix of pop culture icons should form the perfect sounding board for Rollins to banter with. The new set of episodes will also include musical performances by ‘Iggy Pop and the Stooges’, ‘Mars Volta’, ‘Ryan Adams’, and the television debut of emerging songstress ‘Peaches.’

Kicking off the season will be a special ninety minute feature entitled ‘Henry Rollins: Uncut From Israel.’ The extravaganza will feature musical performances and highlights from his Middle Eastern visit. Rollins has long been a member of the USO, performing dozens of concerts for US troops around the world.

No word on how long a goofy smile will be transfixed on my face after seeing Rollins join punk pioneer Iggy Pop on the same stage