Fans of SciFi’s hit show ‘Battlestar Galactica’ were shocked after this week’s episode, titled “Maelstrom” ended with lead female character, Starbuck possibly dying. Her ship exploded and as far as we know, she was in it when it happened. Is she dead? Did she pull the ejector switch and escape just in time? Actress Katee Sackhoff gave Cort and Fatboy some answers in a radio interview on Monday.

In the rather candid interview, which can be played from Portland radio hosts Cort and Fatboy’s website, she is pretty clear about the fate of her character, at least as far as she knows. She says “I’m dead as far as I know” and goes on to say “As far as I know, the fate of Starbuck is completely changed. Her ship exploded and she didn’t pull the ejection thing.” The interesting thing is, she says she wasn’t there when they shot the footage of the hand near the ejection switch which goes to show, what the director and writers have planned may not have been divulged to Sackhoff during the shooting of the episode. In terms of Starbuck’s whole “destiny” story, Sackhoff says she’s as confused as the rest of us about that. It seems as though she’s on a need-to-know basis in terms of the future of her character.

Sackhoff also said that while her schedule is booked with projects outside the SciFi Channel (including a pilot for NBC that she refused to give details about), she did sign a six year contract for ‘Battlestar Galactica’ so technically, she could be called back to the show at some point or another in the next three years.

The full interview can be played streaming or downloaded from Cort and Fatboy’s website, here.

Starbuck’s final moment:

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