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Tina Fey has been doing such a good job as Sarah Palin on SNL that she may actually be single-handedly winning the election for Barack Obama. But, there’s no better way to win people over than making fun of yourself, and the real Sarah Palin is set to do just that this weekend on this week’s edition of SNL.

Yahoo News reports that though Josh Brolin will be the host, Mrs. Palin will definitely be featured also. “A John McCain campaign spokeswoman, Jill Hazelbaker, on Friday confirmed Palin's appearance but offered no details about what the Alaska governor will say or do.”

I’m not going to lie. I like her. She is me on steroids – I can shoot a gun and have killed a few small mammals in my time, and I’m a mom too. I’m not sure that she or I would be suited to this office, but I’m rooting for her anyway. And I always love the non-actors who appear on SNL. Their awkward presence makes the show even more hilarious than usual. Go Sarah!

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