2. Undecided voters get their chance to shine in this sketch, which aired during the election season and pokes fun at ignorant voters.

"Who is the president right now? Is he or she running?" We want answers! Notice how the sketch doesn't actually answer any of those questions. Kind of makes you think, doesn't it? (I have no idea what I'm getting at here).

1. Drama gets animated with The Real Disney Housewives, which spoofs Bravo's reality shows with a Disney Princess installment.

"She cooked the monkey!" Kristen Wiig's drunk Cinderella made the mistake of marrying a guy who's "really into shoes." And poor Jasmine is broke because Aladdin used their last wish on a lap dance (with Cinderella!). This is one of the sketches I'd love to see reprised at some point in the future. Maybe if/when Kristen Wiig comes back to host.

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