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It’s the last week of Stephen Colbert’s long and storied tenure on The Colbert Report. Tonight, he’ll be leaving Comedy Central to head to CBS where he will have to button up and be a bit less of a character on TV as David Letterman’s replacement on The Late Show. Say goodbye to The Colbert Report with this 14-minute supercut of the host breaking character, below.

Most of the moments where Stephen Colbert has broken character on the show seem to involve giggle fits that totally remind me of all of the times Bill Hader broke character as Stefon on Saturday Night Live. In one memorable moment, Colbert is holding up a suit and hides behind it when he can’t control his laughter. In another, a ridiculous Walgreen’s sketch about a colonoscopy makes him lose it. There are also several off-color jokes, including this one about a woman named “Munchma Quchi.” As you probably already guess, the pronunciation of the name has the man in fits. Seriously, how adorable is this face?:

colbert last night

The Colbert Report video reminds us of the show’s funniest and most ridiculous moments, but it’s also a fitting tribute to a character who will no longer be on television in quite the same way. Once Colbert steps off Comedy Central’s nighttime stage and onto another platform.

Colbert’s had a big last few weeks leading into his long-running show's finale finale. He hosted a live show. In fact, he hosted a live show on a college campus that included an interview and an awesome opening monologue from President Obama. Then, earlier this week, the show announced a star-studded lineup for The Colbert Show’s final week on set, including tonight’s big appearance by a character named “Grimmy.”

After more than 9 years on the air at Comedy Central, it’s hard to believe that the changeover is really happening. David Letterman is set to retire this May, and Colbert is likely to take over The Late Show next fall. In the meantime, The Daily Show correspondent Larry Wilmore will be taking over Stephen Colbert’s talk show timeslot on Comedy Central.The brand new show will hit the schedule on January 19.

Stay tuned in the coming months as Colbert prepares for the big leagues.