In the present, Fitz came through for Mellie with the press near the end of the episode. He defended his wife with the reporter pressed her about the public’s view of her since she came out about Fitz’s affair. Fitz took ownership of the affair and said they were moving on together, basically squashing the subject. Afterward, he admitted that he did that for her, not as some kind of power play. Mellie seems driven by ambition, Fitz by emotion. I don’t even know which is right or wrong. It’s just interesting to watch.

Less interesting to watch are Quinn and Charlie get aroused talking about killing or stalking or anything else that involves being violent. I don’t even know what to make of Quinn's arc this season. We knew it was coming since last season. She even referenced the time Huck let her torture someone. Charlie was at her side tonight, first at the shooting range, and later when she followed him on a job. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to manipulate her or set her up when he kissed her. It seemed like the latter when she walked into that lobby and stabbed that security guard, thinking she was sedating him and in actuality, killing him. She panicked when she saw the guy dying on the floor and took off to call Huck. And here I am thinking, what an idiot. Liv went to all that trouble to clear her name for a crime she didn’t commit and now here she is committing crimes and making out with a contract killer in his car.

And then Charlie showed up, showed Quinn a video of her killing the guy and told her she’s in B613. So I guess the video’s sort of like blackmail? A little dirty secret the organization can stash somewhere and hold over her head if she ever tries to leave?

I actually think it could be interesting seeing Quinn get sucked into B613. How she’s acting is annoying to me but I’m still curious to see where this goes. In the meantime, the guy she killed wasn’t some nobody in the wrong place at the wrong time. We should know better by now than to assume that. Another twist to the episode is that he was the guy who drove the stairs for the plane Olivia’s mother was on — the plane Fitz shot down. Olivia had her Gladiators trying to find any leads to help her figure out what happened on that plane. Turns out some guy named Omar Dresden was escorted off the plane while it was on the tarmac. This security guard Quinn killed saw him or had some connection to him that night and now he’s dead. So it seems B613 is a step ahead of Olivia, Jake and the Gladiators in covering the operations tracks.

And did we mention Olivia’s mother is alive? We did, yes. But after everything else in tonight’s episode it feels like unnecessary bomb to drop on us. Still, there are enough unanswered questions there to ponder over while we wait for the next new episode. With everything else that went on tonight, it feels like we barely saw Olivia, but something tells me she'll be back up front next week! And correct me if I'm wrong, but does Fitz not realize Rowan is Olivia's father? Was he brought up to speed on that by the end of the episode?

Also, almost forgot. Cyrus and Mellie just figured out that the Vice President’s husband Daniel Langston (or HRG, as I like to call him. Heroes nod!) might actually be gay. So they’ll most likely be shifting their approach to accusing him of getting handsy with an aid, now that they’re pretty sure they know his preference.

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