It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…open auditions for the second season of the Sci Fi Channel’s reality hit ‘Who Wants to be a Superhero’ in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Shazam! Whether you can fly, lift a Mack truck with just your pinky finger, or shoot fireballs from your mouth, Sci Fi wants you, your tights, and your noble creed to audition for a chance to become a participant. Check out the super duper details below:

WHO: Are you a super soccer mom? A life-transforming teacher? A hometown hero? Or just an average Joe with larger-than-life dreams? Potential heroes from all walks of life are encouraged to attend in costume to have their auditions taped on-site. Check out this Log onto's Superhero website for entry requirements and the latest casting updates and details.

WHEN: Saturday, January 20 -- 1PM - 3PM Sunday, January 21 -- 12 Noon – 2PM

WHERE: Northeast Mall, Hurst Texas 1101 Melbourne Road

Stan Lee and Bruce Nash both serve as executive producers of the show through a partnership between Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment, Inc. and Nash Entertainment.

Lee’s most popular (and financially successful) comic book character Spiderman slings back to the big screen May 4 of this year in Spiderman 3, directed by (praise be his name) Sam Raimi. Also look for part two of the continuing saga of Lee’s costumed quartet in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer to premier in theatres June 15 this summer.

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