Sci Fi has begun production on its newest series, Warehouse 13, which the network touts as a one-hour dramedy. This might be what Sci Fi needs, as the cable channel is known for Battlestar Galactica and cheeseball original movies and series’. 13 is produced by people who know how to do dramedy; Burn Notice and Rescue Me producers on board. Plus the show is created by Jane Espenson (Buffy, Battlestar Galactica) and Rockne S. O’Bannon (Farscape).

To be honest I was sort of hoping Espenson would jump over to Dollhouse when BSG ended, but she’s been proving herself time and time again as another brilliant mind within television without Joss Whedon. For her to spearhead a new show with a network she’s worked well with has my hopes up high.

Warehouse 13 centers on two Secret Service agents who are tasked to find new artifacts for the warehouse, as well as protect and control the building. What kind of artifacts? Pretty much everything Agent Moulder ever dreamed about and more. The two hour pilot has long been finished and the cast is returning for the full 11 episode production.

Eddie McClintock plays Pete Lattimer, the lighthearted one. Joanne Kelly plays Myka Bering, the serious one. Saul Rubinek plays Artie Nelson, the eccentric one in charge. The show sounds a bit like a mix between X-Files, Fringe and Burn Notice. We’ll finally get to know who the mysterious people who work on all the crazy crap we see on other shows actually are.

Warehouse 13 will premiere in July 2009 on Sci Fi.

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