Secret Life fans will be happy to know that the series is being picked up for a second season. It was reported today that ABC Family finalized the deal for a full second season of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. This is really good news, especially considering Amy’s still got a few months left in her pregnancy (barring any super-dramatic “the baby’s coming early!” plotlines) and I’m thinking we might not to see the little guy’s arrival until next season.

I’m actually watching Secret Life as I type this. Apparently, Jason Priestly (Beverly Hills, 90210) directed tonight’s episode. Anyway, the Hollywood Reporter posted today that the series, which was created by Brenda Hampton, has been given an order for 24 episodes for season 2, which is set to premiere tentatively this summer. That’s one more episode than the first season, which is currently airing on ABC Family right now (literally).

Secret Life centers on Amy, a fifteen year old girl who finds herself pregnant after a very brief sexual encounter at band camp with a guy she goes to school with. The first season thus far has followed Amy as she deals with her pregnancy, her touch-and-go romance with Ben, her parents’ separation and some other drama, including the issues surrounding Ricky, the troubled guy who knocked her up. It’s all very melodramatic and high schooly but I can’t seem to stop watching it. I think maybe it's because despite some of the more after school special-esque story arcs, the characters in the show act like real high school kids.

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