It's a long way from being a high school football coach's daughter on Friday Night Lights to the realm of swords and sorcery that make up the syndicated Legend of the Seeker. But Aime Teegarden, who plays Eric Taylor's (Kyle Chandler) daughter on FNL is kicking it old school this week as Annabelle, the only other living Confessor.

For those who haven't been watching Legend of the Seeker, Confessors are women of great power who can compel anyone to tell the truth, as well as sap their independent will making them virtual slaves to their new Mistress. Uncontrolled, it is a very dangerous power. Last season, series regular Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan) became the last of her kind. Until now.

Considering there's really nothing like Seeker on the air right now, I'll bet it's a lot of fun for actors to get in on the action. You get to dress up in period costumes and pretend you're in a world of wizards and magic. And, you get to hang out with beautiful young people in tight leather, and revealing costumes ... and Zedd (Bruce Spence).

Legend of the Seeker is a syndicated series, so you'll have to check your local listings to find it. Or, if you've got cable or satellite, you can always catch it on WGN at 5:00/4:00 PM Central.

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