This seems like a disaster of a series to me but with the talent involved I don't want to pull out my jump to conclusions mat. To be fair, the idea isn't terrible. It's just been done. Twice. On film. And neither of them were funny. The films in question are The Whole Nine Yards and, yes you guessed it, The Whole Ten Yards. The only thing that is keeping me remotely interested is that the project is being herded by the notoriously picky former Seinfeld writer, Peter Mehlman.

TheWrap reports that "Fox has made a deal with writer-producer Peter Mehlman for a new comedy pilot about a young couple who get a new neighbor: notorious mobster Whitey Bulger." So, a young couple gets a notorious mobster for a neighbour, I told you this was the sitcom version of A Whole Nine Yards! And this is before mentioning the fact that there has already been one film based on the famed Irish Mobster from Boston... The Departed. Maybe you've heard of it? To be fair though, the character won't be Whitey Bulger, just based on him (so, exactly like The Departed).

I'll put my qualms aside for a moment and give the series proposal its proper due. The Wrap was able to catch up with the writer-producer and learn that this concept is based on Mehlman's real life experiences living in Santa Monica, California. The writer said, "I can't imagine how many times I walked past him [...] I probably saw him 50 times -- and he has 19 murders under his belt, allegedly." Okay, so I can understand why this subject fascinates the talented writer and him being just that, talented, makes me a little more confident that we'll get more out of this show than just a simple small-screen clone of The Whole Nine Yards (but if I hear Bruce Willis name being bandied, I'm out!).

Speaking of casting, Mehlman also mentioned his dream actor for the character to be based on Whitey Bulger, John Malkovich. Yes. I would definitely tune in for that. Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich. There's a real lack of originality in the entertainment industry but like Jean-Luc Godard said, "It's not where you take things from - it's where you take them to." Let's hope Mehlman can take his life experiences (and those awful movies) to a new, and hopefully very funny, place.

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