FOX reports that on Sunday, November 8, they'll be turning "the reigns over to [Family Guy creator Seth] MacFarlane for an all-MacFarlane lineup." Isn't it pretty much that already? Well, except for The Simpsons. Maybe MacFarlane should just take over as show-runner on that FOX staple too and make the night officially his.

But November 8th is more than just all of MacFarlane's shows; we get that every week. It also features Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show. The Alex is Alex Borstein, known for her stint on FOX's MadTV, and now as the voice of Lois Griffin on Family Guy.

The special is a kind of hybrid comedy sketch show, featuring original animation, guest stars, live action performances of Family Guy musical numbers and more! And to make sure there's room for all of it, there will be no commercials ... sort of.

Actually, Microsoft Windows 7 is sponsoring the whole damned thing, but FOX promises the branding will flow seamlessly with the programming. On-screen promotions used to be quite common in the heyday of variety shows, and the early days of television. It'll be interesting to see how the modern era incorporates these ads for Windows 7 without interrupting the flow of the show. Or if it will be blatant and incredibly annoying.

Strangely enough, though, while FOX say it's an all-MacFarlane lineup, they've still got The Simpsons right in the middle of it. The night starts with American Dad at 7:30, followed by The Simpsons, the Almost Live special, and then Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. The lead-in for the special is The Simpsons instead of Family Guy. It ... makes ... no ... sense! ... Must ... stop ... channeling ... William ... Shatner!

I guess FOX just can't shift The Simpsons out of that time-slot for even one week? I'd think a two-hour block of uninterrupted MacFarlane would be far more effective, and Family Guy leading into the special would at least ensure the right audience is in place to experience FOX's bold new advertising experiment.

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