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I know I’m probably in the minority here but there’s a part of me that isn’t so sure I want to see the new Sex and the City movie. Does that sound crazy? OK, maybe not if you weren’t a fan of the show but this is coming from someone who actually loved the series.

Sure, I see the obvious positive side to the Sex and the City movie. It’s been a few years since the series ended and it’ll be nice to see how the characters have been doing. Plus, hey! More Sex and the City - right? But what if instead of complimenting the series, the film ends up having a negative impact on how we remember it?

Here’s the thing. I adored Sex and the City when it aired and what’s more, I liked how it ended. In fact, I was so satisfied with the ending that I don’t know that I want another one. When the series ended, Carrie ditched Paris and that snooty artist guy and returned to New York to be with Big. Samantha was cancer free and happy in a monogamous relationship with Smith. Charlotte was on her way to adopting a baby girl and she and Harry were doing great. And Miranda was finally learning to appreciate the true value of family. It was a good ending and it closed out the series nicely. Now had the series ended with a cliffhanger that was more than just the open-ended happily-ever-afterish finale, I might be more eager to see the story picked up again.

In addition to not totally getting why we need another ending to the series in film-form, I’m also wondering how we as viewers will benefit from the show hitting the big screen. I mean other than the whole “yay, more Sex and the City” thing, what is the point of the show being adapted into a film? As SatC was an HBO series, it’s not like a big budget or the lack of FCC network TV guidelines is really going to improve the story all that much. It already had those things when it was a series. So I can’t see the film being much more than an extended episode (or condensed season). If that's the case then I guess we can look forward to more of the same. As a fan of the series, I suppose that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

I guess when it comes to TV shows, when a series ends well, it makes me feel like all the time I invested in watching it season after season was worth it. Sex and the City paid off at the end of the series. What if the movie undoes that, somehow? As the movie is premiering in theaters this weekend, I realize I’m a little late in pondering this but I’m wondering how fans of the series will react to the film as it relates to the original story. Will the movie serve to compliment the show or will it disappoint fans and change how we remember the series? Or will fans be so elated at seeing the return of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte that they don’t even care if the movie’s not as good as the hype promised?

What say you, Sex and the City fans? Am I overdosing on all of these what-ifs? Think I’m being too pessimistic or are you concerned that the film won’t live up to the hype?

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