Debbie (Emma Kenney)
We know Debbie’s been desperate to start puberty, and at thirteen, she’s due any second, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. That hasn’t stopped her from growing up in other ways. And that’s not looking like such a good thing, as the first two episodes of the season have her hanging around two very sexually experienced young girls. And not the kind of girls who claim to be experienced but aren’t. One of them is actually pregnant. Debbie’s efforts to keep up with her new friends have resulted in some questionable fashion choices and a real attitude problem, which includes indifference toward her father and irritation toward everyone in her family. Added to that, she finds a guy that could be her first real boyfriend, but as you’ll see in Episode 2, he’s probably not the right guy for her… to put it mildly and as vaguely as possible.

Lip (Jeremy Allen White)
I think out of all of the Gallaghers, I might be most (or almost most) anxious about Lip’s situation. Lip usually has everything wired. He’s always been sort of the charmer and smooth-talker, getting what he wants however he needs to get it, breezing through school without having to put much effort into it. College is a completely new environment for him and being smart and confident isn’t quite enough to get by anymore. Whether it’s making friends, keeping up with his studying and work-study schedule, his romantic life and his academic responsibilities, nothing seems to be coming together for this guy. With that said, I can’t picture — or I refuse to picture — Lip struggling for long without results. So I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of time before he figures it all out or before he flips college the bird and goes home.

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