Maybe to counteract the inevitable drama that will come into her life now that she’s on The View, Sherri Shepherd is developing a half-hour sitcom based on her life for the CW. She’ll produce and star as a married woman who discovers her husband has had a child with another woman—and then allows the mother and child to move into her house.

According to Variety, Shepherd has been open during her stint on the show about her husband’s infidelity.

Sherri Shepherd seems to be all over the place these days, gabbing on The View, playing Tracy Jordan’s hilarious and beleaguered wife Angie on 30 Rock (or, as her misspelled bling has it, “Angy.”) Not that anyone actually saw this movie, but she was one of the best parts of Who’s Your Caddy?, as a member of a rap entourage who enjoys hitting on white preppy boys. Looking at her imdb page it’s clear she’s been all over television for years, but jumping in the high-profile The View is sure to make her star rise.

I’m not really one to watch CW sitcoms, or their shows in general (America’s Next Top Model being the major exception), so I’m not going to be holding my breath until the show comes out. At the same time, though, Shepherd seems uniquely capable of handling her own show, and ought to bring even more style to the CW. Maybe there she’ll even get some bling with her name spelled correctly.

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