Of the most anticipated new series set to air on CBS (aside from Hawaii Five-0) is the half-hour comedy $#*! My Dad Says, which stars William Shatner as the title character.

I wish they could get away with naming the title properly as I don’t relish the thought of having to type out random characters each time news breaks about this series. At the very least, call it Shat My Dad Says in honor of the actor playing the series’ star. Given the popularity of the Twitter feed on which this series is based, added to the fact that the show stars the great William Shatner and is getting a Big Bang Theory lead-in, I think $#*! My Dad Says has a good a shot as any of surviving at least a season. People love cranky old men and no one plays cranky and opinionated better than Shatner. On a side-note, if this series bombs, CBS might end up regretting having the (implied) word “Shit” in the title.

Below is CBS’ full description for the series, which is set to air on Thursday nights, starting this fall.

$#*! MY DAD SAYS, based on the popular Twitter feed by Justin Halpern, stars Emmy Award winner William Shatner as Ed Goodson, a forthright and opinionated dad who relishes expressing his unsolicited and often wildly politically incorrect observations to anyone within earshot. Nobody is immune from Ed's rants, including his sons, Henry, a struggling writer-turned-unpaid blogger; and Vince (Will Sasso), the meek half of his husband/wife real estate duo with domineering Kathleen (Nicole Sullivan).

When Henry finds he can no longer afford to pay rent to his pretty roommate -- and secret admirer -- Sam (Stephanie Lemelin), Ed reveals a soft spot and invites Henry to move in with him. Henry agrees, knowing that the verbal assault will not abate and now there will be no escape. Describing their father/son relationship is tricky - but Ed will easily come up with a few choice words. Emmy Award winners David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are executive producers for Warner Bros. Television. Emmy Award winner James Burrows directed.

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