Treehouse of Horror I – 5: 30 p.m. ET
It’s a shame to skip the rest of Season 1 to get here, but when “here” is a Treehouse of Horror episode, it’s all worth it. This inaugural Halloween special not only began one of the most enjoyable trends in all of TV, but it still stands tall among the rest of its kind. After a quick warning from Marge – because The Simpsons was still quite controversial at this time – the episode jumps into an Amityville-style segment that sees everyone in the family besides Marge actively trying to murder one another. (And the house has the worst fate of all, go figure.) Then we get a classic Twilight Zone parody, with the first appearances from the big-headed aliens Kang and Kodos, plus Serak the Preparer. And with stark, shadowy animation, “The Raven” might still be one of the most lush sequences The Simpsons has ever put out there, eschewing jokes for atmospheric disquiet and James Earl Jones’ narration. There is nothing about this episode that isn’t wonderful.

Highlight: How to Cook for Forty Humans, because the more punchlines the better.

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