Robert Smigel, creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and ‘SNL’s TV Funhouse,’ and Adam Sandler are teaming up to produce a new primetime animated series. Hosted by Fox, the new show titled ‘Animals’ will center on a group of human-like animals that are parodying human life in the suburbs.

Smigel has worked with animal comedy before. His ‘TV Funhouse’ series began on ‘Saturday Night Live’ but eventually got its own spot on late-night Comedy Central for a brief time in 2000. The series featured puppet animals (or “anipals” as they were called) that committed murder, drank, did drugs and of course, had sex. It is this twisted sense of humor that we can probably expect (though to a somewhat lesser degree) on the new Fox show ‘Animals’.

Also working on the show will be Greg Cohen of ‘King of the Hill’. According to, the new series probably wont appear on television until July of next year and will likely find its home on Sunday nights with the rest of Fox’s successful animated comedies (‘The Simpsons’, ‘The Family Guy’, etc)

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