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One can never accuse The Price is Right of having drearily reserved contestants. However, on occasion, someone comes along on the show, seemingly normal, who abruptly provides a randomly whimsical “WTF” moment. The latest example of this is a contestant named Justin on today’s episode who seemingly decided to base his default celebration mode on a time-honored tradition amongst dogs with bothersome backsides.

As you can see, a The Price is Right contestant jumped prematurely into celebration mode from the very onset of the announcement pointing to the mere possibility that he could win “a brand new car!” in the game show segment, “One Away.” In that game, the contestant is asked to guess the item’s actual price, given the clue that the displayed individual digits were each one above or below in the actual amount. Yet, an overwhelming frenzy over the loaded Scion TC sedan was too much to bear and clearly, Justin's way to deal with that dilemma was to exercise his exultation by crawl-dragging his knees and gliding on the floor.

Of course, should you choose to stick things out to the end of the nearly four-minute clip, you’ll see an extended encore upon the occasion of his successful guess that puts the first performance to shame. Justin juts out across the presumably smooth studio floor spiraling like a human Roomba; a one man parade of pageantry, as host Drew Carrey witnesses the curious demonstration with a straight face, possibly perplexed. However, with that momentous merriment in mind, one can’t help thinking of another instance in which this type of surface shimmying takes place.

As we can see in the superbly-scientific video above, the habits of the average household canine will sometimes deviate to the hygienically inconsiderate habit of dog ass dragging, or what the (completely fictional) traditional nomenclature refers to as caninus asinus impedimentum. While the visual evidence points to a resemblance, there is a subtle deviation in Justin's technique that suggests that his ass, may not, in fact, be itchy.

However, I suppose only he can answer those colossally crucial questions. Perhaps, he simply grew up in a home completely covered in laminate flooring and he developed an instinct after spending his formative years doing chores with mops attached to his knees. Sure, some people accuse The Price is Right planting the audience with overly-animated aspiring actors. Consequently, it could be the case that this particular potential ersatz audition may actually nab him a key part in a major movie…’s custodial department.

All kidding aside, and it is kidding, this is a hilariously wonderful demonstration of pure joy and, not to lose sight of the point, he won the car!

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