I’m not sure why Frankie was kept out of the loop on this. As soon as Clay told the guys to leave town, I’d automatically assumed he was going to kill them before they got anywhere. And while that eventually happened with the other two, Frankie is still out there. He watches Gemma and Wayne talk as cops investigate the crime scene. Maybe it’s because he’s older and slimier, but he looks like he’d be a mainstay in Clay’s back pocket.

Which brings us to the episode’s other exciting ending involving a vehicle crash. As Jax and Chibs are on their way to meet up with Tara and Tig at the cabin, a van zooms up beside them and the passengers open fire, forcing the Sons down the steep inclines off the side of the road. The same two exit the van to make sure the job is done, and one of them gets shot while the other runs back to the van. When unmasked, they find the shooter to be a black male. The novices in the audience are thinking, “There is not a single black person in Charming that isn’t a Niner or the Sheriff. This has to be Pope’s people.” Clay says as much himself when Jax confronts him about it. There’s almost no way Jax believes him, but he’s willing to settle for finding Frankie and putting his fate to a table vote.

Let me put something out there to you readers, and see if you can explain this to me. Clay started the home invasion shit as a means of drawing heat to the club, so that Jax could get ousted and he could return to the head of the table. But I don’t understand how the Nomads expected to remain anonymous while also letting everyone know that the club was responsible for the invasions. Also, even if every deal that Jax has going with everyone blew up in his face, as it’s sure to, what makes Clay think that the club would vote Jax out of the presidency before voting Clay back into it? The club knows that Jax’s intentions are much more sound than Clay’s were. And most of them know how terribly warped Clay’s sense of loyalty and responsibility are. So are we just to believe that Clay is self-delusional even as character after character pretty much disowns him to his face? I don’t get the motive.

But there’s always next week for a reasonable solution to be shoehorned into the mix. I can’t imagine Jax will be physically or mentally capable of doing anything worthwhile next week if Abel is really dead. Even if he’s in the hospital. Wait, did Clay slip a joint into Wayne’s house filled with sleeping medication, knowing that Gemma would go over and get stoned with him? Stranger things have happened in Charming. See you next week. Chime in with your thoughts below.

Stuff That Fell Off the Back of the Bike

This episode has one of my favorite non-verbal moments in the series, in the scene where Jax confronts Clay about Frankie. Behind each of them is a gun sitting on a table, and for a second or two, the camera hovers above each gun, focused on the opposing man. It’s a tactic that dares malice to enter the scene.

There’s no doubt these writers were worried that last week’s surprising-if-you-weren’t-ready final moments flew over people’s heads, the first scene with the nomads lays it all out for everyone. “If you look up exposition in the dictionary…”

Was Juice reading last week about how dismissive I’ve gotten of him? Do fictional character s read current websites? It only took Clay actually doing something fucked up directly in front of him in order to let his backbone grow. Twice, he questioned Clay, and twice, that was all he did. Try harder next week, Juicy boy.

“Ain’t no such thing as an ex-cop,” Clay says. Is it just me, or do Charming murders lack any of the complications needed to hire a detective on the squad. If someone like Wayne can run the whole shebang, then there’s no reason to ever leave that simple mindset behind.

In case anyone is wondering, the reason why I call him Wayne instead of Unser is because I can’t get my fingers to stop typing “Unswer,” like “answer.” Yes, I realize there is no case in which anyone would wonder.

The funnest moment in the episode definitely had to be Filthy Phil chasing the boys around, waving his hands like a monster. Don’t eat the kids, Phil!

I like how most of what was shown up close of Wayne’s Home Invasion Clue Wall was just pieces of paper with names written really big on them. Gotta keep the less-genius viewers in on the mix.

How was Jax certain that Gemma wasn’t alone in that motel room? A bottle of banana vodka. I could have snorted when he brought it out. And immediately I wondered, “Why would Warren drink banana vodka? Why would anyone drink banana vodka?”

The Tara & Otto storyline was limited to Tara looking through old pictures and asking Gemma if there is anything memorable she can add to a care package Jax is making for him. Without questioning why Jax would ever make someone a care package, Gemma thinks it over and mentions a perfume, though she isn’t sure of the name. “It smelled like cum and patchouli.” And my fragrance line, Hippie Bush, was formed.

Finally, this whole marriage license/birth certificate thing has been bothering me for a while, but I’m wondering if it has something to do with Thomas’ middle name being Wayne. Batman references aside, does that make Wayne Unser a bigger player in the dead boy’s life than was previously thought? Did Clay kill him too? Considering this wasn’t the first time his middle name was referred to, it might all mean nothing. But there has to be some kind of a bombshell connected.

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