“Make no mistake. You get in my way with Gemma, I’ll kill you.”
“Don’t worry, mano. I don’t make mistakes. Not like you.”

I would pay PPV prices to watch these two square off against one another. Anyway, Nero calls Jax to Diosa, but it’s a set-up. Frankie is there, holding a gun in Lyla’s mouth while Nero is tied to a chair. Nero appeases Frankie’s demands for money and travel, by giving him $130,000 and some expensive watches, as well as the keys to his truck. Frankie makes Chibs drive him far from Diosa, where someone else is picking him up. I was no nervous at this point, as Frankie has no more use for Chibs, and makes him get on his knees. As he puts the gun against the back of Chibs’ head, there are two whole seconds that go by where fate teeters on its edge. And then a car horn breaks the silence and Chibs is spared, though hit pretty hard on the head.

Frankie’s actions do more than just put a bullet in Lyla’s leg, which he does before leaving the brothel. He admits to Jax and Chibs that Clay is the one responsible for the home invasions, with the president’s chair as his goal. Jax later tells Tara and Gemma this information, saying that he needs proof in order to put Clay’s life in the club’s hands, but that this is his intention.

Remember those “broken ties” discussed? Well Nero calls Jax out on not holding up on his promise of not bringing club business to Nero’s feet. Jax apologizes and makes more promises, but Nero doesn’t want to hear it. He wants out of the agreement. This is when he tells Jax the truth about Gemma’s wreck. Jax says that Nero can have Gemma if he wants her. Nero references familial abuse within the Teller family, and Jax nearly loses his shit, but Bobby steps in and stops the fight.

Jax and Clay’s conversation at the end of the episode initially seems like it will contain a lot of cursing and punching. But it’s Jax putting his plan into place, telling Clay that because Gemma has been disowned, she will be a mess without her family. Jax tells Clay to be there for her. Expect many weird and uncomfortable faces from Gemma in the coming weeks.

Pope’s presence was limited this week, only popping in to warn Jax not to test him again by sending severed hands as messages. When Jax mentions getting himself a good squad entourage, Pope says, “Stay close. You won’t need ‘em.” Which is a strange thing to say. Since Pope isn’t hands-on, I don’t see him accepting Jax in any way beyond what deals they currently have going. If he ever has to come to Jax’s aide, the payment will be steep. I still can’t gauge this guy properly.

Finally, Roosevelt takes Jax aside and says he knows all about the RICO case and Jax’s involvement. His point still isn’t to bring the club down. He’s looking for Frankie Diamonds, and will inform Jax who the rat is at the table. Considering Juice already came clean tonight, I’m guessing he’s going to die before he can explain himself to Jax. I’m fine with this.

Will somebody tell me how any of these characters are going to live until next season? How will anyone be able to look Clay in the eye again? Unser should have already blown his head off long ago, for the home invasion beating he took. The prospect of Clay dying fills me with a certain amount of glee that can only come from a non-sensible hatred for fictional characters. It’s almost bad enough to where I want to put his picture on a dartboard, but not just yet. See you next week guys.

Stuff That Fell Off the Back of the Bike

“How do you want to do this boss? Pieces? Wrap him for a hole?” Tig nearly sounded jubilant while asking this question. And he never got an answer.

How does St. Thomas hospital not have a Biker Wing yet? At the very least, an insurance company should infiltrate the club community.

“You’re gonna get me killed.”
“ That concern left me when I watched my wife die.”
Uh oh. I think I find myself liking Roosevelt a little more with each threat he delivers. Sorry his pregnant wife had to die for it to happen, but she isn’t real anyway. I hope he steps up to Clay and Nero in a triangle cage match.
Funniest moment this week is when Nero finds out the story behind Chucky’s hands. Hearing Gemma say it so matter of factly was awesome. “I should have put that together.”

I think I might be able to get completely sober before Gemma does. First though, I should probably drink all the alcohol and smoke all the weed in the house/neighborhood/galaxy.

“I want you to be with him. Sleep with him. Make him feel like a king.” I’m not Gemma, but those words still make me feel nauseous. I hope he’s wearing a crown of thorns. And that his jester is Whitney Cummings. Ew.

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