A couple of years ago I thought about getting a second job to earn some extra cash. After some careful deliberation I decided on getting my real estate license. Man do I wish Sons of Anarchy had been on at the time because I could have saved myself some time and effort by just making a living running some guns (or at least gone legit and financially backed a porno studio). So goes the life of SAMCRO.

The effects of the kidnapping and rape have begun effecting Gemma’s relationship with Clay. They aren’t sleeping together and she clearly avoids him. An interesting part of this is that her pain is a source of legitimate concern for Clay as a loving husband. His care for Gemma is about as mushy as a ruthless gang leader could be expected to exude. The strain in their relationship comes to a head when he and Gemma get in a bitter yelling match ending with her crying. They eventually make up only for us to see him getting some at an afterhours porn party. I know this throws a monkey wrench in my “loving-husband” line, but I will just drum it up to a lifestyle I don’t totally understand or his way of handling his frustration with a wife who has clearly changed.

Jax and Tara’s relationship is an odd one. They live two opposite lives while they straddle each other’s world. He’s a violent gang member who just happens to keep a diary and have picnics with his girl. She’s a do-good doctor who hangs out with said gang, gives them illegal medical treatment and has spats with pornstars. Their lives and relationship would probably make a fairly interesting Venn diagram. In “Fix,” Tara has to deal with a pornstar vying for Jax’s affections. Jax takes it in stride, but Tara deals with it in her own way: by banging Jax in front of said pornstar. I guess it’s ironic in a real smutty way.

Meanwhile Ethan Zobelle continues to press the issue with the Sons. He teams with the Nords to start bringing drugs back into Charming. The Sons have been responsible for keeping Charming clean. They do everything but sponsor D.A.R.E. in the schools. Zobelle wants Deputy Hale to let the drugs go through all in the name of eventually making Hale the Sheriff. Zobelle gives an impassioned speech about the need to remove SAMCRO from Charming. This puts Hale in a weird position of basically choosing between bad (The Sons) and possibly even worse (The Aryans). He sides with the Aryans probably setting up future fireworks between Hale and SAMCRO. The Sons find the Nord drug house in spite of Hale’s non-compliance and blow the place up.

“Fix” was an episode that served to lay a base for what’s to come. It ramped up the tension on all fronts and sets the stage for a war in Charming, a war in SAMCRO and a war in the Teller family. In the end, “Fix” actually fixed nothing. Instead it just opened the show’s schisms a little further.

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