Varro gets the thumbs down.
Varro's death may have been the first true indication that this show was going to pierce our hearts quite brutally. As Spartacus' closest friend at the ludus, Varro was often a source of humor, warmth and support for the gladiator. We got to know him a bit better, learning he was enslaved by choice to pay off a debt, and that he had a wife and an adorable curly-haired child to call his own on the outside. Varro ended up caught in the crosshairs of Ilithyia's vendetta against Spartacus. In her efforts to hurt him, she seduced young Numerius, a kid with the power of an adult but minimal compassion or value for human life. During what was supposed to be a fun exhibition at Numerius' birthday party, Spartacus took Varro down and turned to Numerius to give the official thumbs up to spare Varro's life. It was all meant to be for show, but with Ilithyia in his ear, Numerus gave the thumbs down, forcing Spartacus to kill his friend. Varro actually did the hardest part, pulling the sword into his own neck and leaving Spartacus to finish the job. It was heartbreaking and his absence was felt. And we learned from that point on that no one was safe and at any moment, this show could give the thumbs down to a beloved character.

Numerius feels Aurelia's wrath.
In the grand scheme of things, Numerius wasn't a major character, but he certainly left his mark, having been the one to decide Varro's fate. The young man, who was barely a man, paid for his poor judgment when he came face to face with Varro's wife, Aurelia, and it is really her involvement that earns Numerius a place on this list. During the mayhem at the villa at the end of Blood and Sand, Aurelia, who only recently learned that Numerius was to blame for her husband's death, found an opportunity to pay him back for taking the life of the father of her son. She pulled him away, assuring him safety from the fray, and instead, confronted him for what he did to Varro. Her delicate features distorted into murderous rage as she explained to Numerius that Varro wasn't a perfect man, but he was hers. He died to the words "He was mine!," only just barely seeming to grasp what was happening after she had the dagger in him three or four times. Hell hath no fury…

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