Tiberius gets stabbed in the back by Kore.
Tiberius might be one of the most insufferable characters on television this season, ranking up there with Game of Thrones’ Joffrey in despicableness. In order to give fans any sort of satisfaction, it seemed clear that Tiberius must die and do so in the least bold or brave manner possible. With the confidence and impetuousness only youth can bring, Tiberius raped his father’s lover, among others, lied to get ahead and brought shame to the Crassus family name. Only did he bring anything but shame to his name, yet as a warrior, he was still fooled by Spartacus’ gang.

After being forced into a makeshift gladiator ring, Tiberius almost gets to go to his death respectably; however, he is saved at the last moment by Caesar, who proposes a trade. Thus follows one of the longest five minutes of television airing in recent months. However, just as it seems Tiberius will get away with his nonsense one more time, his father’s lover, Kore, figures out how to get her revenge with a knife. A sweeter sacrifice has never before been a part of this series.

Seppia takes a bath.
Fluttery, beautiful, and youthful Seppia had the verbal wit to spar with contenders as experienced as the likes of Illythia and Lucretia. Unfortunately, her heart was never really in the game, and Seppia talked the talk without walking the walk. Just when it seemed the young Roman was finally spurred into action in Spartacus: Vengeance, taking on the task of killing the powerful Glaber, it turns out she was set up by the older and wiser Illythia and Lucretia.

Her death, unlike her character arc, was unforgettable, with Illythia appearing in time to “save” Glaber and cut the life from Seppia’s body, letting blood stream from her throat to turn the bath a crimson color. The bathtub imagery is something straight out of nightmarish version of an Edgar Allen Poe scene and would likely stick out as the most horrifying of the season, if Lucretia and Illythia hadn’t turned on each other, later. As if that weren’t vivid enough, Glaber and Illythia proceeded to have passionate, animalistic sex in front of Seppia’s corpse.

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