Laeta was sent to prison and Spartacus and his men have a city to call their own through the harsh winter months. But Agron mentioned early in the episode that he wouldn't want to get trapped there. And that could prove to be a major issue if and when they're discovered. The place is bordered by a cliff, which could make for a difficult exit if they're cornered by the Romans.

Speaking of Romans, Caesar has arrived! Not everyone's happy to see him. While Crassus began working on him to see if he'd be willing to go halvsies on a war against Spartacus, everyone else seemed bothered by the young but well known blonde. That includes Crassus' wife, his son Tiberius, and his preferred slave Kore, all for their own reasons. Crassus' wife just seems put off by him. Tiberius seems threatened by him (and rightfully so, considering how badly Tiberius seems to want his father's respect and approval) and Kore was sexually assaulted by him. Never mind the tub of naked women bathing him, Caesar went for Kore right away, thinking Crassus sent her to him. That wasn't the case, but Crassus intervened before anything major happened.

It's evident that Crassus has feelings for Kore. After insisting that his wife stay home while he goes off on his road trip, Crassus invited Kore to come with him, following with the other slaves, of course. But he did let her call him by his first name. Between that and his reaction to Caesar making the moves on her, it's evident he and Kore are close.

Caesar found someone else to take care of his needs, which for him involves having a knife on his down-there business. Pause to shudder. I'm not entirely sure what was happening with that girl on her knees, but the drops of blood dropping suggest something painful, though he didn't seem to mind.

With his wife staying and Kore going, Crassus' only other major decision was what to do about Tiberius. Maybe it was Kore's counsel that made him see that his son is not a boy anymore. Or maybe he has other motives. Either way, Crassus promoted his son above Caesar, kind of. I'm not sure the title is fully official. Either way, there's conflict there, particularly between Caesar and Tiberius. Caesar's ego and Tiberius need to prove himself may be a bad mix for Crassus.

And that about covers it! Spartacus' men have a place to stay, but how long before they're discovered? And what will they do with the remaining survivors? We'll have to wait and see where things pick up next week.

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