So, on the rebel side, it looks like Crixus is prepared to try to "forge his own path," with Naevia and probably Nemetes and whoever else was all for killing Romans. I don't envy him the company he'll be keeping though. Whatever he ends up doing in reaction to this situation will probably prove to be a mistake, but the rebel army may pay a bigger price for the divide. On the bright side, Gannicus was thankfully up and about before the end of the episode. I didn't love seeing Naevia smash that rock over Gannicus' head. I don't think Crixus and Gannicus would have killed each other in their brawl. Naevia's lucky Saxa wasn't around or there would've been a separate fight happening between those two. We know Naevia can fight, but as we saw later on, Saxa's also fully capable of handling herself, even when faced with a man twice her size. "Bitch."

Speaking of funny moments, the laugh of the night goes to Agron, who had to pry a very enthusiastic (but unwanted) female off of himself when he and Spartacus briefly crashed the sex-party. His face as he did that was great, as was seeing him pulling her away from Spartacus moments later. Less funny was the tension between Agron and Nasir. I really don't think the walls are good for these soldiers.


On the Roman side, Crassus had a steamy sex-romp with Kore tonight. Not that naked moments (or even a full-frontal male shot) is anything new for this series, but that moment seemed oddly wedged into the episode. It also took a page out of Game of Thrones' book in inserting relevant conversation into a scene where there are naked people walking about. Distracting.

It wasn't all hugs and kisses for the Romans. In fact, it was more blood and gore. Once Crassus found out about his son's failed attempt to take down Spartacus, he made it clear to Tiberius that his troops didn't fear him more than they feared Spartacus. As proven by the messy attack on Spartacus, Tiberius' men would rather retreat against orders than be killed in battle. They might not have acted that way if they thought the punishment for such cowardice was a fate worse than a sword to the chest. Crassus insisted a lesson would be taught to Tiberius' men. And after a bit of counsel from Kore about treating his son as a soldier and not a child, Crassus decided to include Tiberius on that lesson, which involved a stone lottery to determine which soldiers would be decimated, and which would do the decimating.

Tiberius received a black rock, which meant he lived and got to pummel one of his men to death with maracas (that's probably not what that bat-like weapon was called). Tiberius ended up having to beat the only soldier who not only didn't abandon him during the battle, but also saved his life. He did as he was ordered to, but not without a few tears and some resentful words toward his father. Based on what Crassus said, it looks like Tiberius will be banished to the followers camp until he's fit to return to Crassus' side. Kore's in the followers camp though, so maybe she'll have some wise words to share with her lover's son.

The episode took a little while to heat up, but between the Roman decimation and the Roman decimation, the final act was worth the wait if you can stand the blood and the site of a man's body partially torn open in places. Yuck.

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