NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes (2012)
Celebrities paying homage to the troops by competing in challenges that will illustrated what servicemen and women go through on a daily basis? How could that possibly go wrong? As it turns out, it could apparently go wrong in a lot of ways. Just two days before filming was set to begin, Jack Osbourne and the show went their separate ways. The producers claimed he was never officially signed on, but Jack’s mother Sharon, a panelist on America’s Got Talent said he was removed after he was diagnosed with M.S. Whether that really happened or not, Sharon is still mad as hell about it and has even threatened to quit AGT.

Beyond Sharon, Stars Earn Stripes also pissed off plenty of Americans and eight Nobel Peace Laureates who thought the program was glorifying militarized violence. The latter group begged NBC to pull the show, which, given the ratings, they might as well have done. The first episode premiered to a manageable 5.24 million viewers, but each subsequent installment bled off more of its audience, ultimately failing to top 3 million for its final double episode.

From the confusing name to the unfortunate Osbourne situation, Stars Earn Stripes was basically a mess from the opening whistle. Thank God nothing about this show was actually needed to protect our freedoms.

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