NBC’s Celebrity Circus (2008)
The problem with Celebrity Circus is that it was too much of a novelty on paper. Before it even aired, it had viewers wondering if this was the lowest reality television had ever sunk. It’s one thing to be a bit of a curiosity like Dancing With The Stars, it’s quite another to seem like a vehicle intentionally designed to embarrass people. In actuality, the show didn’t embarrass anyone. Those involved clearly took learning various jobs perfected by circus performers very seriously, but there was just no way to get over the initial perception.

Celebrity Circus only lasted six episodes before it crowned Antonio Sabato Jr its champion. Humorously, the former soap opera star will also be seen on Stars In Danger. Given his athleticism, he may actually be one of the frontrunners too. For his sake, however, I hope more people watch the new entry than Celebrity Circus, which was cancelled not long after it finished out its episode order.

With an eclectic cast including Rachel Hunter, Wee Man and Stacey Dash, Celebrity Circus definitely isn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but I highly doubt anyone not involved in the show lost any sleep over its cancellation.

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