CMT’s Gone Country (2008-2009)
Far and away the most entertaining show on this list, Gone Country brought together odd collections of musicians and musical celebrities and taught them how to both sing country music and live a country lifestyle. Celebrity Apprentice winner John Rich occupied the hosting duties, and thanks to the quality of the premise and solidness of the execution, the program actually got three seasons and a spin-off.

Season One contestants Bobby Brown, Maureen McCormick and Carnie Wilson got along so well and were such a hit with fans that they shot a reality show together about opening up a bed and breakfast called Outsider’s Inn. That program was far less successful, but obviously, that’s no fault of Gone Country.

The main reason why Gone Country worked is because its subject matter is easy to understand and grasp. Many musicians go country in order to kickstart slumping careers. Thus, playing into the concept is simple, and since everyone involved has musical talent, it actually made sense that they would be there.

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