Fox and E!’s The Simple Life (2003-2007)
The Simple Life may have gotten old after the first few seasons, but it was actually a wonderful play on Green Acres at the beginning. It took two women, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, who weren’t exactly comfortable or knowledgeable about manual labor and put them to work on a farm in Arkansas to teach them how to be real human beings. Viewership was overwhelming during the first season especially, causing Fox to actually add more episodes in order to fill the demand.

Eventually, Paris and Nicole got so furious with each other that they stopped speaking and Fox decided to cancel their program entirely. E! quickly picked it up, and the final two seasons of the show ran on cable. Many of the programs on this list have been accused of copying Dancing With The Stars, but in some ways, many are copying The Simple Life too. Nicole and Paris proved the fish out of water concept could work very well with the right celebrities and the right activity. To this day, producers are still actively trying to find that magic formula, and some of that is thanks to Paris and Nicole.

Was the Simple Life awesome? No. But was it important? Certainly more so than the rest of these shows.

Can you think of any other reality shows featuring celebrities that were designed to teach them a new activity? If so, let us know about your favorites or least favorites in the comment section.

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