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It's been rumored for a while now that Party Down, with its great cast and critical raves and tragically low ratings, might not be long for this world. Today the ax has fallen, both for Party Down and network sibling Gravity; Deadline is reporting that Starz will not renew either series, after each show's season finale drew less than 100,000 viewers.

That's a pitiful number by any standards, and even though seemingly my entire Twitter feed is constantly raving about Party Down and Martin Starr makes everything better, the show never seemed to have the ratings to succeed. It sure didn't help that its major stars, starting with Jane Lynch last season and moving on to Adam Scott, kept moving on to other projects on major networks (Glee and Parks and Recreation, respectively). Plus I hear from people who watch the show that the Season 2 finale was pretty satisfying, so maybe it's best to end this way rather than try and resuscitate a less-successful third season?

As for Gravity, I was unaware this show was on the air, and based on this review I probably wasn't missing much. The fan outcry over Party Down will probably overshadow Gravity's demise, but it's sad to see any well-liked show go away. At least we know in the case of the Party Down cast that there are always more offers out there for them.

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