The Female Choice: Kristen Schaal
We’re not dumb enough to think only one woman should be considered for this job, but network executives rarely give us reason to expect gender equality. Flight of the Conchords and 30 Rock actress Kristen Schaal might not seem like the most obvious prospect for a front-and-center host, but she shares Colbert’s talent for playing aggressively aloof characters who let irony fly right over their heads. While many across the Internet are calling for Tina Fey or Chelsea Handler to get the job, neither of them really reflect Comedy Central’s anarchic nature the way Schaal does. Her stand-up sets are occasionally surreal, and she’s well-versed in voice work on shows like Bob’s Burgers and Gravity Falls, so is it possible the world needs a meta animated interview show with lots of animals and hollering?

It’s no surprise that Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee is also on everyone’s minds as a replacement, but let’s not forget that Schaal appears regularly on that series as the “Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent,” and her below segment on the children’s dating service KDate should prove how well she could do in the host’s chair.

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