The Other Political Comedian Choice: Bill Maher
One of the pioneers of “making bipartisan audiences uncomfortable with far-leaning political views,” Maher has built a career out of his bullheaded opinions, sneakily transitioning from conservative to liberal in the past decade or so, all while maintaining a strict anti-religious stance. His brutishness and love of controversy make his 12-years-and-running HBO panel show Real Time with Bill Maher hard to imagine within the confines of a cable network, but TV isn’t what it was when that show began. While both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report deliver solid satire that makes you think twice about our country, the interviews and discussions are generally fluffier and are vehicles for more jokes and product plugs. Maher would give Comedy Central actual political discourse, and maybe that’s what we need to counter Jon Stewart’s winking delivery.

Check out the awesome conversation below between Maher and Science Guy Bill Nye, following Nye’s witty and electric debate with New Earther Ken Ham over the legitimacy of creationism.

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