Stephen King's latest opus just came out (I'm only 200 pages into it so far!), but it's already headed to the small screen. Joining King on the DreamWorks project is Steven Spielberg. Currently, they're shopping a writer to adapt the massive book for television adaptation. DreamWorks is thinking an "event series," likely for cable.

While I've enjoyed a lot of the Stephen King mini-series we've had over the years (The Stand), there have been just as many that didn't work out very well at all (The Langoliers).

The Golden Years
was a longer form original series that King did that allowed him to flesh out his characters more fully. With a massive cast and a ton of internal conflict, it might be worth considering Under the Dome as a one-season series, assuring us 10-12 hours or so for the saga to unfold. Perhaps that's what Variety means by an "event series."

Under the Dome is the story of the citizens of a small vacation town in Maine named Chester's Mill after a massive "dome" surrounds the city, isolating them completely from the rest of the world. As you'd expect in a King saga, the town is littered with both good and bad people,and left to their own devices, things quickly go from bad to worse.

I'd love to see one season projects of novels, rather than one-shot movies or even two- to three-part mini-series. Some of these books have so much rich material, they're just screaming for the long-form treatment. I'd kill for a seven to ten season run telling the full story of The Gunslinger.

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