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What do you think Steven Seagal thinks when he looks in the mirror? Does he see a still relevant action star who has the karate moves and hunky jaw line of a Hollywood heavyweight? Or does he see a washed up nobody still grasping at any chance of pop culture relevance? I would vote former when the latter is actually the reality. But it matters little what I think because Seagal is still getting gigs. Moviehole is reporting Seagal will get another chance at television success with an upcoming show entitled Southern Justice.

Seagal will play Elijah Kane, an undercover cop hunting down perps in that hotbed of American violence and disrepute, Seattle, Washington. The show is a procedural crime drama that will presumably entail Seagal brooding philosophic over crimes like “Who killed the grunge rocker?” and “Oh no, murder at the Space Needle.” He’ll lend his particular je ne sais quoi to a production most likely high on unintentional comedy and low on anything of value.

Recently, Seagal starred in his “reality” series Steven Seagal: Lawman that saw him pretending his hardest to be a member of local law enforcement. He’ll make his next appearance this fall in Robert Rodriguez’s celebrity tour de force Machete.

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