2. Jaime And Brienne
A little infidelity in an adaptation is good—it keeps things exciting. One of the best Storm of Swords threads started last season follows the adventures of Sir Jaime and Lady Brienne. This sounds like a proper medieval legend, however, their relationship is anything but conventional and one of the most rewarding of the saga. Jaime is the best character, in my opinion, with Brienne not far behind and I can't wait to see some of the juiciest moments of their journey appear on the small screen in this season of Game of Thrones. Like I said, we got a taste of their banter last year but the two fighters' real trials and tribulations are still to come, some of which will definitely happen in the next ten episodes. Some things to look forward to seeing from the couple this season will be the sword fight, the run in with the Brave companions, the epic amputation, an unusual experience in the bathtub and, finally, Jaime returning to save Brienne from the bear pit. All of these memorable moments, save the bath, have been teased in the extended trailer but how long it will take to get these moments is still unidentified.

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