3. Little Dany Goes To War
Yes, that's a Three Amigos reference. Unlike the Jaime and Brienne storyline, Daenerys' Season 3 journey will begin with events drawn from the end of A Clash of Kings. Having just emerged from the House of the Undying, Dany is supposed to come across two fan favorites, Arstan and Strong Belwas, that equip her with ships from a former friend, Illyrio of Pentos. Something tells me that these two new allies might suffer the same fate as the Reeds and have their introduction delayed until a later season. We will see Khalessi board some ships; regardless, those could easily come from anyone in Qarth frightened by her badassery. And after acquiring the ships, her slave-freeing, war-waging narrative should dominate the rest of the third season, including her crafty (and ruthless) deal to acquire the Unsullied and the ensuing march of conquest across the Free Cities. Will Jorah attempt to get out of the friend-zone? Will Arstan and Strong Belwas appear? How far will the war take her in ten episodes? Yunkai, Astapor, Meereen? We do know that sometime this season she will find some love, well, lust, since Daario is coming this year.

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