Does it count as daybreak if the clouds are getting lighter, but the sun isn't showing? Also, I don't think Gus opened the van in the book.

The Carbon Monoxide cover story for Flight 753 is new. It serves as a good update to the conspiracy storyline though, and gives a good excuse as to why the survivors would be released in the first place.

Bolivar's manager was originally a man, and Joan and Bolivar never interact after the incident. Also, Bolivar never had a theater underneath his newly renovated apartment. Could del Toro be setting up for a Phantom Of The Paradise homage?

Ansel Barbour (the nerdy looking programmer) was actually the first survivor we followed home in the book.

Doyle Redfern never knew about the box, but he was always cooperative.

Eph never goes to an AA meeting in the novel.

We see a lot more of Eldritch Pamer's string pulling in the show.

We don't get to see Zach and Eph bond as much as they do in the book. However, that AA meeting really made up for it, because the writers traded off some possibly cliched moments of father and son playing Xbox for a dramatic admission of Eph's flaws and humanity. Both will catch up to him hardcore as the story progresses, and this is just adding fuel to the fire.

While I love David Bradley and Kevin Durand respectively, I wish John Hurt and Ron Perlman got to play Setrakian and Fet as they were originally meant to. Their master/apprentice relationship in the series' later history would have sent fans into a frenzy.

Eichorst reveals the origin of the heart in Setrakian's jar. It came from someone he loved very much. You can read the full story in The Fall, during one of the Interludes.

Josef Sardu was finally mentioned in the Eichorst conversation. Sardu is a giant who was the center of a folk tale Abraham learned from his grandmother. As legend goes, Josef went on a hunting expedition, and came back a vampire. He is The Master's current vessel.

Reading Assignment: Nothing for this week.

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