While they skipped the prologue with young Setrakian, we actually get to see the inside of the plane, and are introduced to our survivors.

Eph actually shows up to his last custody hearing, instead of missing it due to the Regis Air investigation.

The Sword was revealed right from the off, not as a surprise during a future vampire battle.

Eldritch Palmer was never seen in his Chesapeake Bay estate. We catch up with him already in NY.

The show is taking place in February, but it actually takes place in warmer months in the book.

Crispin (Gus' dirt bag brother) is introduced to Setrakian. If I remember correctly, this never happened in the book. It certainly wasn't how Setrakian was introduced. Still, this WAS a more bad ass introduction to our vampire hunter, instead of warming soup and ominously fortelling, “He is here.”


I'm really hoping we get an episode of the Young Setrakian Chronicles, as those interludes were great moments of back story to his character. I really do miss the original opening, where his grandmother introduces him to vampire lore as a kid.

It's kinda cool that FX actually let the credits sequence run on both ends of the episode. I won't expect this as a weekly thing, but it really added to the “movie” feel of this week's episode.

Speaking of movie, holy extended episode, Batman! I really thought the Pilot would be centered on about the first 50 pages or so (the actual investigation of the airplane), but they zoomed through 159 pages of material tonight! Here's hoping they don't burn through it all too fast.

Gotta love that Andrew Divoff, the Wishmaster himself from everyone's favorite forgotten 90's horror flick, is the Air Traffic Controller who gets drained like a human juice box by The Master. Also, the creature design in The Strain is even better than the original concepts del Toro presented in the book trailers.


The snow at the end of the episode hints at a rather big happening in The Fall, leading into The Night Eternal.

Eldritch Palmer makes direct mention of The Fall.

That heart has a fun story of its own in The Fall. Next Week's Episode: "The Box"

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