Under the Dome
Television fans might be obsessing over Walt and Hank drama on Breaking Bad’s final few episodes, but there’s an additional place viewers should be looking to catch Dean Norris: Under The Dome. The bald-headed character actor has guested on an incredible number of programs over the years, but in the aforementioned BB and Under The Dome, he’s finally found places to shine. In the latter, he plays a used car dealer and a shady politician with buried secrets trying to keep a small town afloat after it’s suddenly and mysteriously placed under a giant dome.

Exactly why the town finds itself encased in a binding, impenetrable structure is unclear, but the search for answers is just as fascinating as the relationships between the diverse residents of Chester’s Mill. From cops trying to keep order to army veterans with hidden missions, they’ve all got their own agendas, and interested viewers will find more than enough reasons to come back. Under the Dome is currently airing its first season on CBS, and Amazon Prime's been adding the latest episode to its streaming video selection each week. With big ratings for the summer and plenty of avenues to go in, Under The Dome should be around for awhile, and with only ten produced episodes, now is the perfect time to catch up via Amazon Prime’s streaming service as the first season begins to wrap up on CBS.

High school sucks for a lot of teens. That's a story that's been told before, but Lauren Iungerich still managed to breathe new life into the concept with Awkward, a teen dramedy that reflects traces of some of the best and brightest teen tales from past decades, including a bit of Freaks and Geeks-like humor, My So Called Life-angst and maybe some traces of John Hughes heartfelt romantic comedy. Ashley Rickards plays Jenna Hamilton, a beautiful but awkward teen whose combined quirkiness and introspection makes for a very entertaining TV series. Our introduction to Jenna includes an unsatisfying closet-set first sexual encounter while away at summer camp and a bathroom accident that comes off looking like a suicide attempt, which essentially wrecks Jenna's social status at school. As she pines for Matty, her first-time guy who still barely knows she's alive, she's also trying to live down her new reputation, all while walking around in a ridiculous arm cast.

It's Jenna's narrative added to the candid way the series approaches teen life - not sugar-coating it but also not wallowing in angsty gloom - that makes Awkward so much fun to watch, even for those of us who are long past our own teen years, with no desire to relive them. The series is currently on hiatus amidst its third season, but Amazon has Seasons 1 and 2 available on Prime and you can get caught up on Season 3's first ten episodes over at MTV's website before the show returns for the rest of Season 3 this October.

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