Key & Peele
If you still have the power of childish innocence, or just a really great sense of humor, then you'll want to check out Comedy Central's sketch comedy series Key & Peele, because there are no shortage of laughs to be found there. The series is created by and stars MADtv's Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele and features hilarious pre-taped sketches as well as a bit of stand-up from the two stars. Key and Peele's excellent chemistry with one another is part of what makes their sketches work so well. The other part has to do with their stand-up and the way they incorporate their jokes into the sketches, most of which are timed perfectly to squeeze as many laughs as possible out of a joke and then wrap up before the bit gets tired. In addition to great original sketches in each episode, there's also the brilliant recurring sketch involving Luther, President Obama's "Anger translator" whose job it is to say it like Obama really means it. Those alone are worth watching, but the show is full if great moments.

Key & Peele is headed into its third season next month. In the meantime, Amazon has both Seasons 1 and 2 available for free for Prime subscribers.

Downton Abbey
Since it made its U.S. debut on PBS, Downton Abbey has earned a pretty sizable viewership, making the period drama one of the most successful TV imports in recent memory. Even if you missed the show during its first few seasons on PBS, you can still catch up on the drama before it returns to the schedule in 2014, thanks to Amazon Prime and its digital streaming service.

The years just before and after WWI were difficult for Britain’s entitled classes as the economy and the role of big households in English society changed. This description might sound like boring period politics, but Downton Abbey throws in plenty of romance and enough cutting remarks to keep things interesting over three seasons. Interesting really isn’t a strong enough adjective, though. Viewers who begin watching will likely find the drama to be as addicting as baked goods left in the break room. You’ll swoon when new love interests enter the picture and die a little inside every time Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew (Dan Stevens) miss romantic opportunities. Thanks to Amazon Prime, you won’t even have to wait nearly a year for new episodes. You can power through all three available seasons quickly or linger with the characters for as long as you might want.

How The States Got Their Shapes
Over the past few years, the History Channel has gotten a lot of backlash over its decision to start implementing reality programs and more informal and goofy looks at history at the expense of the dry documentaries type historical examinations we all grew up watching. Well, How The States Got Their Shapes is the perfect middle ground. Featuring host Brian Unger, the program uses the unusual borders between states to tell fascinating and hilarious tales from throughout the history of the United States.

Viewers who tune into the History channel want to learn. They want to be amazed, surprised, wowed and hit with facts they can tell their buddies around the water cooler, but they don’t want to fall asleep while being whispered that information. How The States Got Their Shapes is able to accomplish all of that. It’s high energy and sometimes even highbrow. Episodes air regularly on H2, but they’ve also begun streaming on Amazon Prime. If you’re a history buff or just someone who wants to know more about the why Michigan and Ohio almost declared war over each other thanks to Toledo, you should fire the show up immediately.

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